Vidmate 2018 Version


Download the latest Vidmate 2018 version and explore the latest features

Vidmate is an amazing android application that lets you download amazing video and other multi-media content from various social media, video streaming and other video sharing application. The application is compatible with over 200 websites and offers easy streaming and download from these sites. The Vidmate application developers offers new and updated version of the application every year which comes with a list of added benefits and features.

Vidmate 2018 version

Vidmate 2018 version

The latest version which is the Vidmate 2018 version has its own list of amazing befits and features which added to the functionality of the application and made it even more popular among the users. Let us discuss some of these great features which made Vidmate 2018 version a must download for all android users:

Features Of Vidmate 2018 Version

It allows users to download video and other multi-media content from several website sand while doing that it calculates the estimated time it is going to take to download according to the download size. This way users are offered this amazing customization option to choose and adjust to the right format, resolution, picture quality and speed as needed by them. You can always watch these downloaded videos later even when you do not have an internet connection, this way you will stay connected with the entertainment world 24*7.

The simple interface of Vidmate 2018 version is very user-friendly and the users will not be face with any sort of trouble while using it. It is self-explanatory and the users will be automatically guided through the entire process.

Unique Features Of Vidmate 2018 Version

Vidmate 2018 version also offers this option to the users of live streaming of hundreds of TV channels where you can browse through channels and watch them live on your device in HD quality without even paying a penny. At present Vidmate Application Download supports 200+ channels which are of sports, news, and entertainment and information category.

Large Storage Capacity:  Installing Vidmate for PC allows you to utilize disk space of your computer or laptop. So after downloading and installing Vidmate application in your device like phone or desktop you are getting much larger disk space on computer.

Supports Higher Resolution -It lets you stream and download amazing videos in whatever resolution you want which could even be as high as up to 720por 1080p resolution.

The best part is Free Vidmate Download is compatible with over 1000 websites like Facebook, Tumblr, DailyMotion, Vimeolinkedin and Pinterest even any Blog. You name it and it supports the app. The users can use the app even on their 2G, 3G & 4G internet network connection.The user can download multiple & unlimited videos at once and there is a dedicated Internet download manager to manage your download.With amazing speed this app allows you to download videos higher than any other browser.

The latest version that is the Vidmate 2018 version offers recommendations based on your taste in movies and music. Each week, it will list a top list of movies, videos and songs that you may like and you can stream them online or download for free.


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