Vidmate 2018 – Exclusive Features of Vidmate 2018 And It’s Usage

Some Exclusive Features of Vidmate 2018 and It’s Usage

The makers of Vidmate have carved a new version referred to as Vidmate 2018. Vidmate is used for downloading the online videos and is very popular among the users. It would be more happening for the already existing Vidmate users as the updated version carries along much better features. The users that are registered with Vidmate can easily access a lot of content over the internet such as short video clips, short movies or film, and videos.

In this article, we shall be covering all the necessary features that are covered by the Vidmate 2018 version for all the users around the world.

 Vidmate 2018

Vidmate 2018

Some of the Exclusive Features Of Vidmate 2018 are:

The best part of this video downloading software is that you can put a lot of videos together at downloading at a particular point of time and it doesn’t take long to download thus a time saver.

  • Time Filter: The major problem while downloading videos online is the advertisements that pop up in the middle of the video viewing process. Also, there are those ads too that download along with the video, so for this Vidmate 2018 provides a feature called “time filter”, this would help to eliminate the downloading of unnecessary ad videos.
  • Offline Mode: Some places do not have a very good internet speed and it causes a disturbance while watching short films. Vidmate 2018 has its own video player that helps to watch videos even without an internet connection- offline i.e. it allows video downloading for watching it later.

More Features OF Vidmate 2018

  • Inbuilt Browser: Just name any facility you want to have in a browser while playing videos, Vidmate would provide you with all such features under its own personal browser available in the app itself. For example- saving password automatically, frequently visits a particular site, you can even personalize your videos by deleting or adding them to the list or bookmark a video or site. Its browser has access to all the data provided online.
  • Video File Extensions: While we browse on the internet, we come across video files with a plethora of different extensions. Out of these, many of them are not supported by our computer. However, if you download the Vidmate app, you can enjoy unlimited videos in whatever format you want to view because the Vidmate 2018 version supports all such formats and makes the life of the viewer comfortable.

Some Final Words

Vidmate 2018 version is available for free on the internet. Vidmate is an app with all in one, such as it has its own browser, in-built video player, support files of various extensions like mwv, mov, mts, avi, mp4 and many more. It’s best that you have to download the video one and it remains in the app till you want to delete them. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and download the vidmate 2018 version of the app and enjoy endless video watching for free from your smartphone.


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