Vidmate Download 2021

Friends, today we will learn about one of the most popular app through this blog, through which you will be able to download any kind of video in audio and movie, the name of this app is Vidmate 20121. This is the latest version updated in 2021. It is available with lots of great features. You can install it from the download link given in this website.

Today we will tell you through this article, how and in what quality you can download any video through this app. Do you also have to pay to download videos from this app or you can download videos through this app for free. and its features.

About :

Friends, Vidmate is a video downloader app, that is, through this app, you can save the video of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp offline in your device in any way through this app. So through this app, you can easily save the status of WhatsApp, the story on Facebook and the reels on Instagram very easily. Not only this, the app can only download and convert any video into audio.

Also, if you are saving any video of any app, then you can reduce the quality and do more according to your own. Suppose you want to save WhatsApp status in your gallery then you can save it in your gallery through this app and also if you want to save that status in HD quality, then in HD quality Can save also. If you want to save that status in low quality, then people can also save in quality. Because in this app you get to see all types of quality like 144p, 180p, 240p, 360p, 1080p, mp3, mp4 etc.


  1. You can download quality videos from 144p to 1080p for absolutely free through this app.
  2. You can download any video of social media through this app.
  3. If you download any video through this app then you also see notification above. In which you keep showing how much your video has been downloaded.
  4. If you are downloading any video from this app, then you can also pause or resume it in between.
  5. You can also watch the downloaded video on it offline and play it online as well.
  6. If you want, you can save the video of this app in your internal storage as well as SD card. For this you have to give permission.

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