ViMed App

If you want to edit all the recorded videos that are downloaded on your device by adding a pleasing story to it, then get the downloading of a highly Video editing app titled ViMed App that is actually drafted for every android platform and it fully permits the users to affix various effects on their video.

This app is mainly meant for all those users who enjoy recording videos and have the craving of making them look admirable just like the specialized ones and to do this they make use of various effects attached it to that video and give out a meaningful story to it. In addition to it, users can include countless effects such as fast forward, backward, rewind to their recorded video whereby in other editing apps you just cannot find it easily.

Not only that, users can even include several other multiple effects at once on one video file same as the attachment of fast forward effect to a recorded video, even on top of it you can even affix slow-motion effect and generate a unique video style and store it on your device.

ViMed Application

Chief factors of ViMed Application –

  1. Direct UI:

The network of the application is transparent and to the point. In this application, there are two diversified parts, one is mainly for uploading the videos from the device and the other option is for recording videos with camera assistance.

  1. Effects of Motion:

The application is optimized with three kinds of effects for the videos they are overturned effect that plays the video in the opposite direction, the slow-motion effect that runs the video, and assistance of audio in slow motion that you can notice in iPhone cameras, and the full speed mode that runs the video in fast forward mode.

  1. Premium Aspect:

The prime aspect of the Application is that it completely allows all its users to upload all their favourite videos and affix various outcomes to it.

  1. Execution:

ViMed App offers a gentle and supple video recording and editing interface to all its users in complete HD quality with no insect and defends from crashing of the application.

Method of downloading ViMed Application:

If you want to provide a significant story to every recorded video of yours, then make use of this application, as this app is mainly accessible only for the android platforms . Hence, gently download ViMed App on your device and get the installation done from the Vidmate App store free of cost.

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